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Our Mission

The mission of St. Denis School is to prepare children for life as a member of church, family, and community.  This will be achieved by following the teachings of Christ as understood in the Roman Catholic tradition.

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Oct 12 2022

Titan Stuco

Sep 14 2022

St. Denis Day Dinner
Food, Fellowship & Fun!

Sep 14 2022

St. Denis Day Raffle tickets 2022
Raffle tickets are one for $1 or TEN for $5! What a deal!

Aug 11 2022

Link to the Sign up page

Aug 11 2022

8th Annual Golf Tournament
This is the BEST golf tournament in the Tri-State Area!

Aug 10 2022

Annual Best Ever Golf Tournament!
The Who, What, When, Where & Why!

Aug 10 2022

Let's Golf!
How to sign up for the best in the tri-state area golf tournament.